1. Permutations within a limited material set
-Variations of meaning through recontextualization, reorganization

2. Constellatory nature of human identity
-Exchange, ejection, absorption of material
-Sharing of physical matter, memory, intent, other identity components
-Inherited memories, "ghosts", reincarnation, memes
-"Gods" as sentient collectives, hive identities, with finite life spans
-Trajectory of human existence, "fate" or "destiny" versus "free will"
-Collected records of life used to telescope or rethread history

3. Reanimation of dead mythologies and aesthetics
-Renaissance, Baroque, and Victorian appropriation of dead mythologies
-Reanimation of dead aesthetics to discuss myth-making
-The "lifespan" of images, myths as memes
-Mythology and celebrity, "legends"

4. Pornography as genre
-Issues of control, identity, exchange, boundaries, morality
-Sex and reproduction as engines of human mystery
-Basic animal urges decorated, restrained, conditioned by society
-Sex as link through time and generations
-Pleasure versus politics, governmental and cultural oppression
-Effects of shock, disruption measured against potential arousal
-Variance of audience reactions to erotic imagery

5. Queerness
-Gender construction, fluidity of sexuality
-Social and political identity, LGBT expression