An unusual and thrilling adventure story, set within a self-contained universe of competing cultures and dangerous magic, "Young Pim And The Goblins" explores the unexpected consequences of freedom, through the eyes of a former slave on the cusp of adulthood. The world of "Young Pim" is balanced between three ancient Great Houses, a semi-industrialized human town, and an underground society of misunderstood creatures. Sold at birth into slavery and raised by sadistic overseers, an adolescent boy named Young Pim narrowly escapes from the horrors of Old Buttertub, a training school for ritual concubines, only to find himself lost in an unfamiliar and menacing landscape. He is captured by the Goblins, an aggregate civilization of monsters and warriors, and he is introduced into their complex social networks. During his time among the various clans and species, he learns to overcome superstition with curiosity, prejudice with love, and fear with valor. But in liberating himself, Pim has inadvertently set into motion a chain of events that will eventually lead to the destruction of the Goblins' way of life, and the rise of an oppressive human religion. "Young Pim And The Goblins" is aimed at a target audience of curious, imaginative readers who enjoy provocative and challenging fantasy.

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