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In addition, please check out this special painting series, "ALL THE GIFTS I WANTED TO GIVE YOU".



"Old Scratch" "Prong" "Princess" "Knight"
"Showgirl" "Hammerhead" "Anvil" "Muscle"
"Harmony In Pink And Brown" "Passionate Rose" "Horn" "First Kiss"
"Corporate" "Queen Corday" "King Firebrand" "Fin de Siecle"
"Boots, Fa Presto" "Punch" "Judy" "Hogwash"
"Pucker" "Love Gone Wrong" "Familiars Attending A Birth" "Underground"
"Venus" "Rhizome" "Guardian Of Dusk" "Harmony II"
"Esmerelda" "Gunshy" "Belle" "Blue Boy"
"Brothers" "Bicephalic Sirenoform" "Pin" "Mixed-Up Medium"
"Frou-Frou" "Candyass" "Onan" "The Firenze Of The Prim Madonna"
"Mysteries Of Music" "Floral Sex" "Union / Parasitic Twin" "Sheila I - All American Girl"
"Birth Of The Minotaur" "Icarus" "Minos" "Prizefight"
"Lush Fish" "The Flagellant And The Stricken Idiot" "Unfurling" "Oracle"
"Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Two Men In A Tub" "Horny" "Study - 4" "Risk And Ruin"
"Sheila II" "Popgun" "Neptune" "Dirty Ballerina"
"Severe Caudal Repression" "Sirenoform" "Gastroschisis" "Ischiophagus"
"Study - 5" "Study - 8" "Study - 7" "Study - 6"
"Study - 2" "Study - 3" "Study - 10" "Study - 1"
"Study - 9"
"Mermaid Theater" "Incubator Of Spooks" "Shrove Monday" "Krewe"
"Cusp" "Little Prayer #1" "Little Prayer #2"
"Vincent" "The Soprano's Suicide"
"Failed Romance" "Bright Angel"
"Match Mate" "Lady" "Sheila III" "Portrait"