"HUMOURESQUE (First Trailer)" (NSFW!)


2000, 00:03:50, NSFW!

In production since 1993, "Humouresque" is a porn flick with something for everyone. Told in four acts of twenty chapters, the labyrinthine plot references prostitution, aging, drug addiction, incest, medieval surgery, rape, patent medicine quackery, fortune-telling, time-travel, madness, lust, transsexualism, aristocratic debauchery, Rococo costume design, sexual slavery, florid hallucinations, and overwrought turn-of-the-century penny-dreadfuls. I began developing "Humouresque" in 1992, while living in New York City, and kept steadily working towards its completion over the next eleven years. Building sets in my living room, finding costume components in dumpsters and estate sales, luring my patient and talented friends into performing for beer or dope or blowjobs, I put everything I could into this one production. Despite a kajillion obstacles, the picture just kept chugging forward, like a juggernaut rolling down a steep hill towards oblivion. It finally premiered at the Massachusetts College of Art on May 18th, 2004, to a thunderous standing ovation. This is the rough trailer I cut to apply for grad school.