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"Animation Samples"


2001 - 2016, 00:05:00

A quick survey of my work in the video arts, featuring clips from several shorts, music videos, abstractions, and animations. The accompanying tune is "Kansas City Stomp", by Jelly Roll Morton. Clips shown in this compilation include: "BLOOMS", "BOX OF CANDY", "SHOWBLOAT", "BLUE CANDY", "PALACE", "GHOSTFIGHT", "BRIDEFIGHT", "FAERYFIGHT", "DEVIL RAT", "BUG THE FUCK OUT", "FLESHPOT", "BORN BLUE", "EMERALD CITY", "HOT PINK", "YOUR LIGHT IS ON", and others.




2002, 00:03:16, NSFW!

My first animated film. Created with a combination of stop-motion and After Effects. A pornographic valentine.

Warning: Contains nudity and explicit imagery!



2005-2007, 00:39:45

An unauthorized smash-up of the 1939 classic, in which Dorothy encounters bad weather, gravity, false magic, time-travel, shifting loyalties, impotent sidekicks, abuse, tormenting "good" witches, falling houses, and her own inevitable decline. Schizophrenia in blazing Technicolor. Re-edited from the 2005-2006 version, with several changes and improvements.



2008, 00:02:02, NSFW!

"BATHTIME" was shot on a whim during a visit to a friend's house. I took one look at this beautiful claw-foot bathtub, and decided right then and there that I wanted to photograph two people taking two different baths in it. I knew that I would later composite the two bath experiences into one. Fortunately, my gracious host (who shall remain nameless here, because he's famous) was willing to take a dip. I was going to call this one "Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Two Men In A Tub", but I had already used that title on an earlier painting.

The audio track is taken from a public domain film, courtesy of the wonderful online library of the PRELINGER ARCHIVES.

Warning: Contains nudity and explicit imagery!

  "Belle Of The Balls"


2002, 00:03:23, NSFW!

A frou-frou fantasy. The absolute essence of myself. Shot in Tennessee and Mississippi.

Warning: Contains nudity and explicit imagery!

  "Black Dragon"


2008, 00:02:00

An imaginary journey through several abstract compositions, rendered in shades of black and white. Created in After Effects, using expressions, and scored in Garage Band.




2005, 00:15:00

Evolving geometries of male and female bodies. Like Busby Berkeley on bad acid. Created with Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro. Scored with Reason and Live.

  "Blue Candy 1.0"


2003, 00:04:55

A man takes a blue pill, goes on a little blue trip. Created with Maya, Poser, After Effects, Combustion, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro. Scored with Reason and Live.

  "Born Blue"

"BORN BLUE" - "Make Me Whole"

2010, 00:05:21 

Animations for Caren Tackett's musical, "Born Blue". This is from the song, "Make Me Whole", which tells the story of three women ... an accused witch, a slave, and a lesbian ... all pregnant and facing very difficult situations. This animation played to a sold-out crowd at a staged reading in NYC's Touch Theater, on 4/26/10.

  "BORN BLUE -2"

"BORN BLUE" - Trailer

2012, 00:02:20

Animations for Caren Tackett's musical, "Born Blue". This is a trailer cut from a rehearsal recording of the song, "There Is A Light". This number brought down the house during our performance of the show, at NYC's Cutting Room, in July of 2012.


  "Box Of Candy"


2004, 00:04:43

A 2.5-D exploration of my abstract paintings.



2004, 00:02:43

A love letter for my father and brother. Super-8 footage of my childhood, set to "Where The Boys Are" by Connie Francis. You can already tell that I'm going to be a drunk, a drag queen, and a painter.



2006, 00:03:42

A video I created for the spectacularly gifted Rick Berlin, using footage cobbled together from years of videotape. The first draft of this video was "THE END OF THE WORLD IS ALWAYS COMING AND GOING". Truly one of the most melancholy songs I've ever heard. I was invited to make this piece as my contribution to the release party of his new CD, "Me and Van Gogh".



2014, 00:02:16, NSFW!

Music video for 1 More Animal, from their album "Modem Warfare".


Warning: Contains (animated) nudity!


2004, 00:01:55, NSFW!

Dirty fun with stuffed animals. I'm surprised that this didn't get me either expelled from school or fired from my job. Good times, good times.

Warning: Contains nudity and explicit imagery!

"Canned Fruit"


2007, 00:11:30

An exploration of gender, texture, color, the miracle of canning, food, creativity, productivity, and what it means to be a very hairy and scary faery. Filmed in my tiny Brooklyn apartment living room, when I was living in Sunset Park. Most of the audio track is from a 1956 educational film about the value of canned food in our society, and how the can industry will save us. The other audio is taken from an old PSA about bad grooming habits.

The audio tracks are taken from public domain films, courtesy of the wonderful online library of the PRELINGER ARCHIVES.

  "Color Bars"


2006, 00:05:03 (no audio)

Fun with color bars! Silent video abstraction, meant to be enjoyed with any music or sensory stimulus. For use as projected wallpaper, for live A/V mixing, for "relaxation", etc. Evocative of kaleidoscopes, tapestries, tribal tattoos, acid trips, and floral forms. Abstract, non-narrative, pure eye candy. Please provide your own soundtrack for maximum viewing pleasure.


2014, 00:04:10

A music video for Rick Berlin and his Nickel & Dime Band, from the album, "When We Were Kids".

  "Domestic Domina" Trailer


2006, 00:02:40, NSFW!

"DOMESTIC DOMINA" is an ongoing documentary project following the adventures of Cris ... a single New Jersey mother of two, suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, who happens to make her living as a professional dominatrix. We see her unflagging devotion to her children, her search for a meaningful romantic relationship, and the unique challenges of her job. The documentary is still in production; it was initially tied to the paperback release of her exciting memoir, "DOMESTIC DOMINA".

Warning: Contains explicit imagery!

"Eat My Trauma"


2003, 00:17:07

Seven creative re-edits of the classic "Mommie Dearest" (1981). Wire hangers are the least of Joan's problems.



2009, 00:04:00

Eels wriggling and mating in shades of black and white. My vision of the Sargasso Sea. Created in Maya, with an original score recorded in Garage Band and Soundtrack.

  "Emerald City"


2009, 00:11:00

A meditation on drugs, booze, drag, death, and other mechanisms of escape. When will we reach the Emerald City, if ever? How will we get there? Will we be pleased, surprised, or disappointed? Is there really an Emerald City after all?
  "The End Of The World Is Always Coming And Going"


2002, 00:02:46

A suicide note. Culled from years of videotape footage, set to Erik Satie's 1919 "4ème Nocturne". This material was later recycled into the music video "BUDDHA" for Rick Berlin.

  "Fifteen Minutes"


2005, 00:15:00

Fifteen one-minute studies, strung together.



2004, 00:04:12

The first installment in "THE FIGHT TRILOGY", followed by "BRIDEFIGHT" and "FAERYFIGHT". Various incarnations of myself battle for supremacy in a rugged landscape.



2005, 00:12:58

The second installment in "THE FIGHT TRILOGY", following "GHOSTFIGHT" and preceding "FAERYFIGHT". A bride signals to her missing lover, possibly lost at sea, before accepting fate and giving up.



2006, 00:07:29

The final installment in "THE FIGHT TRILOGY", following "GHOSTFIGHT" and "BRIDEFIGHT". A glittering explosion of faggotry. "Sparkle, Nellie, Sparkle!"


"FLESHPOT" (TESTS, as of 8-19-10)

2001 - 2010, 00:10:00, NSFW!

The first pass at an edit of "FLESHPOT". Still working on the score, still rearranging and trimming elements, so please don't think of this as the final work! But this is where it stands currently. I just wanted to show the contributers where all their naughties ended up, in case I ended up falling into the Grand Canyon or something.

Warning: Contains really gross abstracted nudity and lots of zits! Dry skin! Ick!

  "Great Day For The Irish"


2007, 00:02:35

A text-based animation, set to a rousing 1940 musical number by the incomparable Judy Garland.

"Hot Pink"


2007, 00:06:00

A self-portrait. What it means to be pink on the inside. A love song for Jean Genet.

  "Humouresque" Trailer


2000, 00:03:50, NSFW!

In production since 1993, "Humouresque" is a porn flick with something for everyone. Told in four acts of twenty chapters, the labyrinthine plot references prostitution, aging, drug addiction, incest, medieval surgery, rape, patent medicine quackery, fortune-telling, time-travel, madness, lust, transsexualism, aristocratic debauchery, Rococo costume design, sexual slavery, florid hallucinations, and overwrought turn-of-the-century penny-dreadfuls. I began developing "Humouresque" in 1992, while living in New York City, and kept steadily working towards its completion over the next eleven years. Building sets in my living room, finding costume components in dumpsters and estate sales, luring my patient and talented friends into performing for beer or dope or blowjobs, I put everything I could into this one production. Despite a kajillion obstacles, the picture just kept chugging forward, like a juggernaut rolling down a steep hill towards oblivion. It finally premiered at the Massachusetts College of Art on May 18th, 2004, to a thunderous standing ovation. This is the rough trailer I cut to apply for grad school.

Warning: Contains nudity and explicit imagery!


2012, 00:16:30

A short compilation of video footage I shot while backpacking across India. The music comes from a few sources ... the traveling singers of Pakhirala, the folk musicians of Khajuraho, the singing priests of Varanasi, and the entertainers of the Bagore-ki-Haveli in Udaipur. To see a gallery of full-color images from my journey, please visit the INDIA PHOTOS page. A fuller account of my adventures abroad can be found in my memoir, "LOST AMONG THE MARIGOLDS", now available at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and other online retailers.


circa 1984, 00:02:21 (no audio)

My very first motion picture, shot and spliced on Super-8. As a boy, I was OBSESSED with the Spielberg picture, and sharks in general, so this was my stab at remaking a classic.



"Jersey Heat"


2009, 00:06:00, NSFW!

Two lovers, a man and a woman, catch fire in the middle of the night.

Warning: Contains nudity and explicit imagery!

"Life Imitates 'Imitation of Life'"


2002, 00:11:52

Five unauthorized investigations of the 1959 Douglas Sirk tearjerker, "Imitation of Life".



2007, 00:02:53

An introduction to me and what I stand for. A text-driven shout-out manifesto of my identity. Borrows some elements from "CANNED FRUIT". Hey, I'm committed to recycling!

  "Meat Will Make You Popular"


2006, 00:08:27

A mash-up of public domain ephemeral films, telling us how meat can help us be attractive, sanitary, and heterosexual, and why girls who park in cars will give you The Syphilis. A crazy-quilt of guilt! Apparently, you can tell if your date has a venereal disease by her unflattering hairdo and mercurial expressions.

The contents are taken from public domain films, courtesy of the wonderful online library of the PRELINGER ARCHIVES.

  "Mexican Breakfast"


2009, 00:03:35

A study of Gwen Verdon's performance on the Ed Sullivan Show, with helpful subtitles to explain the meaning of every movement. This may be the most famous thing I've ever done so far, oddly enough.

"No One Can Help You"


2006, 00:11:55

Another mash-up of public domain ephemeral films. Details the best approach to the Heterosexual teen dating ritual, and the dangerous, predatory behavior of the wild Homosexual. Obviously, the only solution for a boy like Susan Jane is to throw himself off a cliff ... because, after all, NO ONE CAN HELP YOU if you are struggling with such confusing feelings and such bad hair.

The contents are taken from public domain films, courtesy of the wonderful online library of the PRELINGER ARCHIVES.



2003, 00:05:08

A virtual journey through several ornate line drawings. Based on Baroque motifs sketched in Amsterdam. My first full original score.



2011, 00:09:40

Two parties are happening simultaneously, one in the light and one in the darkness, and they begin to bleed into one another.



2004, 00:01:54, NSFW!

How I paid the rent.


Warning: Contains nudity and explicit imagery!


2005, 00:01:22

A study of a procession honoring the Saints Cosmas and Damian in East Cambridge, MA. Money and holiness, all tied together.



2009, 00:10:00

A drawing in ten one-minute acts. A ballet of tiny geometries. This is how microscopic creatures on a sharp planet dance and make love and parade and swim. Scored with my new keyboard.



2005, 00:22:52

An unathorized smashup of the 1951 musical “Show Boat”. Featured in the 44th Ann Arbor Film Festival.

  "Soldier Songs"


2008, 00:04:00

A trailer for the 2008 NYC production of David Little's song cycle, "SOLDIER SONGS". These clips were taken from four channels of animation that were projected into the set and onto the performers during the show. The show played for two sold-out nights at Le Poisson Rouge, NYC, in September of 2008.



2003, 00:06:56, NSFW!

A meditation on death, masturbation, and masculinity.


Warning: Contains nudity and explicit imagery!


1998, 00:04:18

A performance by Becky And The Sex-Rockets, at the Memphis College of Art. I'm lipsynching badly to Ella Fitzgerald's "The Lady Is A Tramp". Shown here is one of my more visible drag personas, "Becky Bucklewheat". Becky once fronted a dance routine with The Sex Rockets, and during rehearsals, she "accidentally" stepped on her friend's bare foot with her 6" solid-core platform heel when said friend was upstaging her. Whoopsie. I think Becky may be on The Crack.

  "Truck-Driving Man"


2008, 00:04:06

A music video for The Rainieros, featuring my brother Terry, performing at the Little Red Hen in Ballard.


"Your Light Is On"


2008, 00:04:00

A music video for the genius Rick Berlin, from his new album, "OLD STAG". A love letter for the lonely.