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8-11-17 Created a new CLEARANCE SALE page to highlight works for sale! Updated the page detailing the ALL THE GIFTS I WANTED TO GIVE YOU series. Added a few more paintings to the PAINTINGS page.
1-1-17 Updated my VIDEOS pages, so that videos will now play on iPhones.
10-14-16 Added my new "SIZZLE REEL" to the VIDEOS page!
6-18-16 Moved to Kansas City! Added a tearsheet of fictional corporate logos to the GRAPHICS page. Updated my RÉSUMÉ page. Added "RELISHED VICES" to the TEXTS page.
6-23-15 Added new Mermaid Parade photos to the DRAG page!  Scroll down to the bottom to see "THE NAVAL GAZERS, 2015"!
3-7-15 Added new music videos to the VIDEOS page: "DEVIL RAT", and "BUG THE FUCK OUT".
4-11-14 Added over two hundred new drawings to the DRAWINGS page.
11-22-13 Added a new photo essay, "AUTUMN IN THE EMPIRE STATE" to the PHOTO ESSAYS page.
4-27-13 Added eight new paintings to the PAINTINGS page.
3-15-13 Added two new pages in the TEXTS section for my novels, "YOUNG PIM AND THE GOBLINS" and "THE NOVA IN THE ATTIC".
2-6-13 Revised my VIDEOS page, finally replacing all .FLV (Flash) media with .MOV (Quicktime, H264) files. Updated my RÉSUMÉ and added three new PHOTO ESSAYS ... "THIS IS THE LAND I COME FROM", "STUDIES OF PUERTO RICO", and "DYNAMICS OF ARIZONA".
9-6-12 Added "INDIA" video to the VIDEOS page, a gallery of INDIAN PHOTOS, and new page detailing my new e-book, "LOST AMONG THE MARIGOLDS", now available at several online retailers!
8-11-11 Updated my RÉSUMÉ.
7-5-11 Updated my RÉSUMÉ.
6-27-11 Added new Mermaid Parade photos to the DRAG page.  Scroll down to the bottom to see "MISS CONEY ISLAND LEFTOVERS, 2011"!
6-10-11 Added a brand new work, "THE PARTY", to the VIDEOS page.
2-16-11 Added several more self-portraits to the PHOTOS page.
10-20-10 Updated my RÉSUMÉ.
8-23-10 Added several lithographs to the DRAWINGS pages. Also created an error- 404 page for any missing/broken links.
8-19-10 Just added the first "FLESHPOT" tests! I'm still working on this picture, adding and subtracting elements, working on the score ... so please don't consider this the final work! But I wanted to show all y'awl where it stood now, especially so that my contributers would know where all their bits and bobbles went.
8-10-10 My new website has launched! I've completely overhauled all of the site sections, and now there is so much more content online! The most significant additions are in the PHOTOS, PAINTINGS, GRAPHICS, and VIDEOS pages!